Our Corporate Law practice is directed to providing our clients with the tools they require for the development and growth of their business projects, attending to the necessary aspects for a proper instrumentation of their business agreements and the protection of their interests.

Our services include:


A. Emerging Companies & Venture Capital.

  • Incorporation of companies and non-profit entities.
  • Shareholders’ & Investors’ Agreements.

B. Joint Ventures & Strategic Business Alliances.

C. Corporate Compliance & Governance.

  • Due Diligence.
  • Corporate Bylaws.
  • Directors & Officers.
  • Powers of attorney & legal representation.
  • Corporate Books, Records & Resolutions.

D. Mergers & Acquisitions.

  • Due Diligence.
  • Restructure of Groups and Companies.
  • Stock & Asset Purchase Transactions.
  • Spin-offs & Split-offs.
  • Tax, industrial property and employment aspects of each transaction.

E. Foreign Investment.

F. Securities & Corporate Finance.



With the aim of providing our clients with a series of comprehensive solutions, we have developed alliances with various professionals. Thus, our Firm extends its capabilities and generates high value relationships for our clients.

The following stand out among its various practice areas: Tax Law, Labor Law, Intellectual Property, Administrative Law, Corporate Law, Obligations and Contracts, Litigation and Dispute Resolution.


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