Intelectual Property assets continuously acquire more value by market indicators as distinctive elements of each particular business. That is why our Industrial Property practice area has as its priority the protection of those rights related to the industrial property and copyright aspects developed by our clients.

Our services include:

A. Procedures before the Mexican Institute for Industrial Property (IMPI) and the National Copyright Institute (INDAUTOR).

  • Industrial Designs.
  • Commercial Names.
  • Registration of License, Transfer & Cooperation Agreements.
  • Industrial Secrets.

B. Industrial Property Rights Maintenance.

C. License Agreements, Transfer of Rights Agreements, Cooperation Agreements, among others.



With the aim of providing our clients with a series of comprehensive solutions, we have developed alliances with various professionals. Thus, our Firm extends its capabilities and generates high value relationships for our clients.

The following stand out among its various practice areas: Tax Law, Labor Law, Intellectual Property, Administrative Law, Corporate Law, Obligations and Contracts, Litigation and Dispute Resolution.


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